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Welcome to the Jessie Rees Foundation

Dear Doctors, Nurses and Child Life Specialists,

Thank you so much for all you do to care for kids fighting cancer.  During Jessie’s 10 month journey the Rees family learned just how important people like you are…kind of like a second family.  It must be so hard to see kid after kid fight this terrible disease.  Someday, some way a cure will be found.  Until then, please know the Jessie Rees Foundation is here to help and encourage you to Never Ever Give Up too.  If you would like to receive a complimentary NEGU lanyard and wristband please email You can also request JoyJars for all of the courageous kids in your facility.  JoyJars are now giving kids a much needed boost in over 200 Children’s Hospitals.

If you would like to schedule a Special Connection visit with one of our All-Stars please click on the tab listed above.

Jessie Rees Foundation